Since 1992, One Warm Coat has been providing warm coats to anyone who needs one, free of charge and discrimination. During a distribution event, a simply beautiful, but remarkably sad, moment occurred before our eyes. A young boy hugged his new coat tightly to his body and relaxed into its warmth; but just then, he “caught” himself enjoying it entirely too much–or so he thought. With a guilt known only by someone who never truly owned things, the boy offered a promise: he would bring back the coat when he outgrew it, so that another child could be warm. In the following weeks, each time the phone rang at home, the boy would grab his coat and hide it, hoping to be able to keep it for just one more day.

It is easy to understand why having one warm coat is so important.  You can help give warmth; please consider the donation of your gently worn coats at Ugly Sweater Run events this year.

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