Hat/Ornament Pick Up:

UPDATED: 12/21/17

We no longer have hats/ornaments available at Fleet Feet.

If you’d still like to receive your goodies please email [email protected] and I can transfer you to the virtual run. Thanks!

More Info

UPDATED: 12/21/17 

Hartford Ugly Sweater Runners: As your Facebook page Elf, and advocate please know I am so sorry. Sorry, the event was canceled and I was unable to immediately let you know that The Ugly Sweater Run would be offering refunds. For those of you who have waited patiently or are still waiting thank you. Thank you for sharing your displeasure even when it pained me not to be able to agree publicly. If I forwarded your email to the corporate registration department and it went unanswered or denied please email me at [email protected]. I am holding true to my promise to assist each of you.

The good news is that together we have made a difference. If you would still like to be transferred to the virtual run so you can have your hats and ornaments mailed I can help you with that. Finally, the day we have waited too long for is here. For those who were registered for The Ugly Sweater Run in Hartford will be providing refunds to all those who request one.

I know many of you will still be upset and you’re right. We blew it. Please accept my apologies and allow us to make it right. Unfortunately, I am one elf and working as fast as I can. Luckily, the corporate elves have been corrected and are to be granting refunds as well. Thanks for your help!

Wishing you a Merry Day!

Would you like a refund?
Email [email protected]

How long will it take to get your refund?
Once you receive confirmation of your refund, it takes 3-5 business days for the funds to return to your card.

How soon will I get a response after I email you?
Please give me 48 hours.

Would you like your hats and medals?
Hats and medals are no longer available at Fleet Feet. You can still transfer to the virtual run if you’d like to receive them.

Transfer to the Virtual Run?
Please email [email protected] and I will transfer you. You can try transfer in your active account but be prepared it might refuse the transaction or request payment.

Want a deferral to next year?
Thank you for still wanting to join us. Despite what you may have heard, registrations will not be rolling over and there will be no deferrals. Thank you.

What happens to your donations to One Warm Coat?
Your donations will still go to our charity partner, One Warm Coat.

Want to help others get their refunds, transfers, questions answered faster?
Less hate mail, less facebook fighting. Email [email protected]

Want to send me more hate mail?
[email protected]

Want to send me less hate mail?
[email protected]

Have more questions?
[email protected]


12/8/17 We regret to inform you that Governor Malloy has canceled all outdoor events taking place tomorrow due to a weather-induced mandatory parking ban. Therefore The Ugly Sweater Run taking place Saturday, December 9th has been canceled.  The safety of our participants is of the utmost importance.  As a registered participant, your registration will automatically be moved to our Ugly Sweater Virtual Run, allowing you to complete the 5k at your convenience. Your hat and ornament will be available for pick up, more information to follow.  Thank you so much for your understanding.